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Illinois has more than its share of problems, and we need to work together to fix them.

Our state government needs to balance its budget, and stop wasting our tax dollars on administration and bureaucracy. Our residents need to have the economic opportunity to grow and prosper. And our courts need to work in the best interests of the people of Illinois. And perhaps most importantly, we need to restore the faith of the people of Illinois that their government is accountable to them.

Taxes and Economics

  • Kash Jackson supports a multi-pronged approach to fiscal solvency for the state of Illinois. We need to balance the budget, cut wasteful spending, and reduce excessive regulations, taxes and fees that make starting and running a business difficult in Illinois.

  • We should immediately end the practice of corporate welfare, in which large corporations are given tax incentives and subsidies to come to Illinois. We need to stop giving an unfair advantage to companies that are already at an advantage. Kash Jackson believes Illinois needs to develop a fair and favorable climate where all businesses, large and small, can prosper.

  • Kash Jackson supports switching to defined-contribution 401(k) plans for all new state employees, which guarantees that those pensions will be funded. In addition, within his first 100 days in office, a plan for fully-funding the state employee pension funds will be drafted and presented to the state legislature for inclusion in the state budget legislation.

  • Illinois already has the second-highest average effective property tax rate in the U.S. Kash Jackson therefore supports a 5-year freeze on all property taxes while we achieve solvency.

  • From 2000 to 2015, Illinois GDP increased 15%. Over the same time, government spending increased 32%. We should cap state spending at a fixed percentage of GDP, so that officials can't continue to raise taxes and spend endlessly.

  • You should have a veto when your representatives want to raise taxes. All tax increases should be passed only after a 2/3 referendum.

  • Illinois has too much government. We have more local districts than even large states like Texas. As Governor, I will provide incentives to any county that consolidates or eliminates unnecessary local districts.

  • State occupational licensing should be reduced. If you prefer to use a landscaper, nail stylist or cosmetologist that is privately certified, you should. But we need to recognize that excessive state-level licensing mandates are part of a system that reduces economic opportunity in our poorest communities.

  • New businesses established in Illinois are the key to a strong economy. We need to remove as many barriers to entry for small businesses as possible. This includes instituting a 1-year “warning period” where penalties for minor regulatory infractions are not penalized. Kash Jackson wants you to feel empowered to go into business for yourself. If you see a need in the market, you should be able to fulfill that need without wading through miles of red-tape and being scarred by thousands of paper-cuts.

  • Beginning on his first day in office, Jackson will work with his staff to draft an “Illinois Roadmap to State Financial Independence.” This roadmap will reduce or eliminate dependence on federal funding, eliminate reliance on monies collected through traffic citations and personal property infractions as sources of revenue, and provide state services at a fair-market value. Kash's plan will include measures to encourage economic opportunity and competition within Illinois, and also the elimination of utility monopolies in localized areas. With utility competition, Illinois residents will stop being nickle-and-dimed by businesses that provide utility essentials (water, electric, heat), because they will no longer be the only game in town. Utilities should also be free to innovate to provide key services at a lower cost.

Crime & Punishment

  • Kash Jackson is a firm believer that the state exists to protect its citizens from threats of violence from within, or overreach from the federal government. As a long time defender of Constitutional liberty, he eagerly looks forward to standing up to federal intervention in state matters.

  • Rehabilitation NOT Retribution: The goal of criminal law should never be to exact vengeance for wrongdoing, but rather to ensure that the same wrongs a person does should never be done again. Upon taking office, one of Kash Jackson’s first priorities will be to plan the release of all those imprisoned for nonviolent offenses. Any person who is is not a danger to society should be able to return to their family and help contribute to their community and our economy, instead of costing taxpayers $30,000+ annually. Jackson will work tirelessly to eliminate the school-to-prison pipeline and get deserving people the help they need to become contributing and valuable members of society. Not all crime can be stopped, but the motivators and factors that lead to crime must be examined and addressed.

  • Being incarcerated while waiting for cases to be heard and non-violent crime prosecution are two of the main factors in Illinois prison overcrowding. No family should be forced into poverty while navigating our state's court system. The goal of any criminal system should be to rehabilitate and reintegrate non-violent offenders back into society.

Corruption, Fraud and Abuse

  • For too long, the people of Illinois have suffered at the whims of career politicians who use state programs to line their pockets, cover-up their misdeeds and exploit their constituents. Kash Jackson will develop new whistle-blower protection initiatives and incentivize reporting against corruption, wasteful spending, fraud, and abuses within our state government. You should have the power and authority to stand up against people in positions of power when they misuse the authority you gave them, and you should be protected while doing so.

  • As a victim of corruption in the Illinois family court system himself, Kash Jackson will institute public, nonpartisan oversight committees for the Bar Association and for within the judicial process. Judges should not be able to make new law from the bench, and lawyers should not be able to profit off of kickbacks. No resident of Illinois should suffer because of legal malpractice or judicial corruption.

  • Kash Jackson will fight for an end to judicial immunity, while working to eliminate corruption and defiance of the Illinois or U.S. constitution from the courtroom bench.


  • Kash Jackson recognizes both the right to bodily autonomy and the right to life, and is determined to find solutions that accommodate the greatest freedom for the greatest number of people. To that end, he wants to stop the endless fighting around abortion and bring everyone to the table and work out reasonable practical solutions. Jackson is a father and believes all lives are sacred. At the same time, he recognizes that imposing legal restrictions will not stop people who have a different worldview. He believes the best approach is to work together to identify and eliminate the underlying contributing causes, such as financial issues, lack of stable family structure, etc., that encourage women and their families to choose abortion. Jackson hopes to help women, their partners and their families find a better quality of life for themselves, their loved ones and their unborn children.

Education Reform

  • Access to good education is a cornerstone of civilization. Kash Jackson will seek efficient ways to improve our school systems. He will stand up to public unions, work to increase choice and competition among public and private schools, and make sure that our public schools effectively serve the needs of all children. Our children’s quality of education must be the key motivator of all educational policies.

  • Restoring traditional courses to schools will better equip our students to become valued in the workplace and in the home. Restoring home economics, entrepreneurship, vocational studies, business economics, non-partisan civics, and volunteerism programs for all state-funded schools will help the next generation succeed financially without turning to petty crime. High school diplomas should equip our students to enter the workforce successfully, should those students choose to do so.

With your support, Kash Jackson will lead Illinois from being billions in debt to being in a position of financial stability.

Citizens for Kash Jackson
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