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The reforms required to salvage the state government of Illinois require:

  • Ability of the middle class to enter the market and flourish as economically independent citizens, free of the shackles of wage-slavery and government subsidies and over-regulation.
  • Ability of incarcerated citizens to return to a life where they can be valuable and efficient contributors to society. The goal of imprisonment should, whenever possible, be rehabilitation and not retribution.
  • Expansion of alternative energy solutions to climate change and environmental destruction.
  • Ability to thrive beyond simply surviving against a slurry of lifelong taxes, fees and regulatory expenses.
  • Comprehensive restoration of the value of the lowest levels of government – the family and the individual.

Taxes and Economics

  • Kash Jackson supports a multi-pronged approach to fiscal solvency for the state of Illinois and wishes to balance the budget to cut wasteful spending, increase investment in clean renewable energy, fortify small businesses and emergent entrepreneurs; while also reducing taxation and requiring that any tax increases proposed as new legislation be passed by a 2/3 voter referendum - meaning that YOU, the voter would have to vote for it directly for it to be put into law, no more would you be subject to the whims of career politicians who want to use your money to line their pockets or bailout failing big businesses.
  • Programs to incentivize new businesses will be the hallmark of his tenure: from education to tax credits, Kash wants you to feel empowered to go to business for yourself. His vision is that if you see a need in the market, you can fill that need without wading through a mile of red-tape and being scarred by thousands of paper-cuts. Spread your wings and soar!
  • Beginning on Day One in office, his staff will work to draft a “Road-map to State Financial Independence” – which will: reduce or eliminate dependence on federal funding, eliminate reliance on traffic citations and personal property infractions as a source of revenue, and provide state services at a fair-market value, allow competition with the state to new private businesses and industries, and eliminate utility company monopolies in localized areas. Stop being nickle-and-dimed by businesses that provide essentials (water, electric, heat), cause they'll no longer be the only game in town.
  • Also in the First One Hundred days in office, A plan for guaranteeing fully-funded state employee pensions will be drafted and presented to the state legislature for inclusion in the state budget legislation.
  • Kash plans on implementing an immediate freeze on the collection of all property taxes until a comprehensive state budget audit has been conducted and property tax reform legislation has been signed into law. If the legislature won't do their jobs on their own, he will force them sit down and figure out how to do it with less money for their profiteering.


  • Kash recognizes both the right to bodily autonomy and the right to life, and is determined to find a solution that accommodates the greatest freedom for the greatest number of people. To that end he wants to stop the endless fighting around abortion and bring everyone to the table and find a solution. Whether the solution comes in the form of emergent new technologies or in private charity, there is no room for the government in your reproductive rights. 

Crime & Punishment

  • Kash Jackson is a firm believer that the state exists to protect its citizens from violence from within, or from the federal government. As a long time defender of constitutional liberty, he eagerly looks forward to standing up to federal corruption and intervention of state matters.
  • Rehabilitation NOT Retribution: The goal of criminal law should never be to exact vengeance for wrong-doing, but rather to ensure that the same wrongs a person does should never been done again. He will work tirelessly to eliminate the revolving door prison system and get deserving people the help they need to become contributing and valuable members of society again. Not all crime can be stopped, but the biggest reasons people turn to it can be.
  • Non-violent crime prosecution has been the main factor in prison overcrowding and will not force families into poverty any longer. Instead of making non-violent offenders into hardened and violent career criminals, Kash wants to develop a program that pardons non-violent offenses and rehabilitates people to reintegrate into society.

Corruption, Fraud and Abuse

  • For too long, the people of Illinois have suffered at the whims of career politicians who use state programs to line their pockets, cover-up their misdeeds, and exploit their constituents. It is the goal of Kash Jackson to develop new whistle-blower protection methods and incentivize reporting against corruption, wasteful spending, fraud, and abuses. YOU should have the power and authority to stand up against the leaders of your communities when they misuse their authority, and YOU should have sufficient reason and protection to do so.
  • As a victim of corruption in the Family Court system himself, He wishes to institute public-nonpartisan oversight committees for the B.A.R. Association, and for judicial review. No longer should a judge be allowed to make law from the bench, or a lawyer profit off of kickbacks. And never again should the people suffer at the hands of legal malpractice or judicial corruption.
  • Kash supports and will fight for an end to Judicial Immunity, absolving corruption or defiance of the state or federal constitution on the bench.

Education Reform

  • Education is the bedrock of progress, and Kash will look for new ways to improve our school systems. He will stand up to the teacher's unions and stop their corrupt influence from preventing the growth of our children's minds just so teacher's don't have their feelings hurt for being called out on doing a poor job.
  • Restoring traditional courses to schools will better equip our students to become valued in the workplace and in the home. Immediate restoration of home economics, entrepreneurship, vocational studies, business economics, non-partisan civics, and volunteerism programs for all state-funded schools will be fought for from Day One. Let our children succeed without turning to crime, and make a high school diploma worth more then the paper it's printed on again.
  • On average nationwide, the federal government provides 11 cents of funding for every 14 cents the states spend to receive them. Illinois schools will become a beacon to the entire nation of what progress can be achieved when reliance on federal funds are no longer sought at a net-cost to the school system.

With your vote, Kash can take Illinois from being $22 billion in debt, to being a leader in the free world, in only 4 years.

Citizens for Kash Jackson
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